Whiskey Barrels

$50 each, QTY 12. By far our most popular items. We have five with logos, five without. They have been treated with water sealant, so don’t worry about getting that delicious cake on them! Can rent wooden tops for additional costs. Decor not included.

Honey Golden Arch

$125 8’x8’, great for any event. Perfect for outdoor lighting! 

Pub Tables

$75 each, three available. Perfect by themselves or in addition to our bar! 

Wooden Cross

$50. Wonderful addition to any ceremony. Great for outdoor events. Height is 83″ approx.

Elegant Bar

$100. Great addition if you really want to class up the joint. Plenty of inside storage. 43 1/2 inches tall, the top is 2 feet deep, and it is just over 57 inches wide. It has wheels on the bottom, however there are wooden chocks to stabilize it once it is in the final location. Troughs not included.

Wooden Barrel Tops

Single barrel top is $15, quantity four available. Double barrel top is $30, quantity two available.

Elegant Entryway

$125. Darkwood archway. 8′ tall by 7.5′ wide. Entrance or archway. Does not come with fabric.

Ladder Display

$40 for the pair. Pair of ladders, perfect for aisle accents or events. Each ladder comes with four 4′ boards.

Hanging Jars

$1 each. Great when hung on shepherd hooks. Candles not included, just the holder jars.

Hurricane Lanterns

$2 each. Red hurricane lanterns, mainly for decor but can be used as actual lanterns. Fuel and wick not included. 

Galvanized Lanterns

$5 each. A mixture of two different sizes, 11 available.

Rustic Benches

$15 each, 6’ long. Comfortably hold 3-4 people depending on sit down or ceremony. Qty 30

Yard Games

Yard Yatzee $20 (two available), Yard checkers $20 (two available), Yard Chess $25, Large Jenga $25, Corn Hole (Three sets available) $25 each set, Connect Four $40. 

Large Rustic Bar

$250. Comes with BAR letters only – they do not light up. Additional decor can be rented out. 

Pallet Photo Backdrop

$80 for the pair, or $40 each. A wonderful item for any event – decorate it and make your own photo booth.

Rustic Wagon Wheels

$10 each, qty 8. Perhaps our second most popular item. Great for accents.

Shepherd’s Hooks

$1 each, 70 available to rent. 

Metal Drink Trough

$20 each. Quantity of 4. A great addition to any event. Use them to hold water for outdoor reception, or an extension onto a bar you want to create. Barrels are not included. JUST the trough.

Dessert Stand

$100. Nothing is cuter than an old cart that can be customized to anything you would like. The possibilities are endless!

Barn Door Archway

$400. At approximately 600 lbs. assembled, this is our largest item that we carry. Doors can be opened or closed, and looks great inside or out. We recommend that we set this item up, however considering Vic and Bobbi can set this up, it’s not too complicated.

Dimensions: 7’2″ tall, 13’4″ wide, 7’7″ deep.

Red Wagon

One with rubber wheels. $25


6’ tables, qty 40, $7 each. Comfortably fit 6-8 people. 8’ tables, qty 18, $10 each. Comfortably fit 8-10 people. 60” round tables, qty 10, $12 each. Comfortably fit 8-10.

Large Wooden Cross

54.5″ wide, 97.5″ tall including base. Does not come with fabric. $100.


$10 each

White Folding Chairs

Quantity 250. $2 each. Great for ceremony and reception. These are metal and plastic. As some chairs show blemishes, it is recommended you use chair covers for more formal events. 

Just a Shitty White Arch

Single day rental – $19.95

Years ago we had a customer call us absolutely irate. He had contacted several rental companies, and he was looking to get married in a hurry. He was looking for, and I quote “just a shitty white arch” and then got upset with us when we didn’t have one. He NEEDED one the following day, as he was getting away from his family as soon as he was hitched. And I quote, “I just spent $19.95 on a Uhaul, all I need now is just a shitty white arch to get this over with.”
Well sir, we finally have it, just for you. 

Lemonade Stand

$100. Comes with three different drink dispensers free of charge. More can be rented out if needed.

Galvanized LOVE Letters

$20. L is for the way you LOOK at these letters and fall in LOVE with them. Remind everyone why they’re at the wedding in the first place! Quantity – 2 available.

Country Bar

Comes with a wagon wheel. $100. 

Large White Lanterns

Quantity 11 available. Gorgeous and elegant, No interior glass. $5 each.


Large Black Lanterns

Lanterns do not open up, solid glass on all four sides. LANTERNS DO NOT OPEN. $5 each.


Small Black Lanterns

$1 each, quantity 80 available. Does not come with tea lights. 


Colors of Love Door Backdrop

Great backdrop for any event, very unique. Pair of freestanding doors. Cannot open, used as a backdrop. $200 for the pair. 

67 inches wide, 78 inches tall, and needs 27 inches deep for the back braces.


Barn Door Backdrop

Country backdrop perfect for any shindig. Pair of freestanding doors. Cannot open, used as a backdrop. $200 for the pair.

Barn doors are 73 inches wide, 84 inches tall, and needs 25 inches deep for the back braces


Spools in Love

Why do fools fall in love? Why do birds sing so gay? And lovers await the break of day. Why do spools fall in love?

$40 for the three spools and the LOVE letters. Additional spools can be rented for $10 each.


Three Tier Cupcake Stand

 12″, 16″. 20″ widths of each base. 41″ high. 


Charming Chic Crates

Use as cupcake stands, side decorations or whatever! Nine available, $5 each. 

Hexagonal Arch

One of our newest additions to our inventory! With a dark stain, this arch is perfect for indoors, outdoors, field or beach view. Bolts together, heavy decorations will not be able to be used. Light fabric can be used. $100.  52 inches deep. Approximately 6 feet tall.

White Flower Cart

Whether you use it for flowers, gifts, or whatever. This is sure to add a touch of elegance to any location. $100

Washboard Backdrops

When you’re throwing an event and you’re missing that one piece of throw it all together, that’s the Washboard Backdrops. five total, 40 each. They are freestanding and can be secured into the ground.

Antique Metal Wheels

Heavy and large, each one unique in its own sense. From 4 to 5 feet wide. For available, $40 each. Updated pictures will be coming within the month once we sand and paint.

Sweetheart Spool Table

After years of being pestered, we finally have added it. The perfect table for those in love. Will have updated photos with events forthcoming. $100.

Shitty Door Backdrop

After being inspired from another item (read info on shitty white arch) we decided to make another crappy item. Whether you use it as a backdrop, an accent piece, drape twine over it to hold pictures. Shitty doors for any event. $50 for the pair. Photos coming.